Sari - Coming soon in early 2024

October 2023 , RagRaj production has anoounced a very ambitious project called "Sari" a short film tackling the theme of "Code Switching", Denise Harbour to play a lead role in this short film. This project is in pre-production and Production to start in first quarter of 2024, stay tuned for more updates.

Bloody Mary 2.0 2023

October 2023 , Winner of Best Horror Short Film and Best Director (Horror). Starring Denise Harbour as Kimaya 

Paheer Ke Chashma Kala 2023

September 2023 , Original Bhojpuri Song from RagRaj Productions about the Sitamarhi Jila in Bihar region.

Prabhu Ji Se Door Hoon 2023

September 2023 , Original Soulful Devotional Song from RagRaj Productions.

Aigiri Nandini 2023

August 2023 , Discover the Divine: Aigiri Nandini - Various Forms of Durga Devi | Denise Harbour | Directed by Anurag Singh | Ragraj Productions

Sab Chale Vachan Pe Tere 2023

 June 28th  2023 , Original Song by RagRaj Productions.

Jungli Darkhto Ke Darmiyan 2023

 May 5th  2023 , Cinematic and Musical Master piece by RagRaj Productions.

Does God Speak to Us? 2023

 April 19th 2023 , Thought provoking faith based musical short film by RagRaj Productions.

Kabir Ke Dohe 2023

 April 3rd 2023 , Sant Kabir Das Ji Ke Dohe, presented by Anurag Singh.

Tere Liye Mere Liye 2023

 March 28th 2023 , Tere Liye Mere Liye Music Video.

Shoes 2023

 March 10th 2023 , Shoes, a Short Film that teaches Big lesson, check it out...

Aigiri Nandini Lyrical 2023

 Feb 24th 2023 , RagRaj Productions presents "Aigiri Nandini" a Lyrical Version, video version coming soon.

Deewana Tohra Bhayani 2023

 Jan 26th 2023 , RagRaj Productions presents "Deewana Tohra Bhayani" on the occasion of Valentine's day 2023.

Saraswati Vandana 2023

 Jan 15th 2023 , RagRaj Productions presents "Saraswati Vandana", wish you all very Vasant Panchmi and upcoming spring season.

Mukti Dilaye Yeshu Naam 2023

 Jan 3rd 2023 , RagRaj Productions presents their first song of 2023, "Mukti Dilaye Yeshu Naam" to begin 2023, wish you all very happy and prosperous New Year 2023.

Aao Yeshu Ji 2022 

 Dec 1st 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents their first ever original Christian song, "Aao Yeshu Ji" on the occasion of Christmas.

Banike Tiwaiya 2022 

 Oct 29th 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents their first ever Bhojpuri song, Banike Tiwaiya on the occasion of Chhath Puja.

Bloody Mary 2022 

 1st Aug 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents Bloody Mary Legend, check it out to find out if Bloody Mary is just a myth?

Ishq Ek Tarfa 

 इश्क़ इक तरफ़ा,  9th July 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents amazing love single, check it out.

Doll 22nd June 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents short horror thriller, "Doll"

Outcall 11th June 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents first short horror film, "Outcall", dare to check it out...

Hoor - I22nd April 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents first of our Hoor, check it out...

Baby Tu Hai Hot - Remix 1st April 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents "Baby Tu Hai Hot Remix - बेबी तू है हॉट - रिमिक्स", Clubhouse Remix - Party Mashup

Ye Parchaiyan - ये परछाइयां 22nd March 2022 , RagRaj Productions presents "Ye Parchaiyan - ये परछाइयां", Musical Hindi Short Film.

Teri Aaradhana Karoon 8th March, Women's Day 2022, RagRaj Productions presents Official 4K Music Video of Teri Aaradhana Karoon - तेरी आराधना करूँ, One of all time Hindi Classic Christian songs with a universal reach inspired us to present this song in a new way. 

Baby Tu Hai Hot, Music Video is  Out now...

22nd Jan 2022: Released Hindi Hip Hop Music Video  "Baby Tu Hai Hot", please check it out, Subscribe and Share. 

Nadi - The River

Nadi (नदी)- The River is a Hindi Poem penned by Anurag Singh and narrated by Denise Harbour (Actor/Model) to celebrate our upcoming 75th Independence Day of India "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav" as announced by our Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, which includes 75 weeks of celebration leading to the 75th Independence Day of India on 15th August 2022. 

Ye Parchaiyan - Shadows

Released March 22nd 2022


Mar 22nd 2022:

Wait is over, live on YouTube, check it out,

Feb 5h 2022:

Shooting started in Southern CA.

Oct 6h 2021:

Auditions for lead actors has begun in late September.

 Jun 4th 2021:

RagRaj Productions started working on music video called "Parchaiyan - Shadows", it is planned to be released in Q2 of 2022. Audio tracks are ready and shooting of video to start in December 2021.

May 1st 2021:

Announced music video called "Parchaiyan- Shadows"

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